I am an Illustrator,
animator & designer.

My passion is creating bright, bold & positive experiences through my work. I enjoy designing
with humour, empathy
and color.

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            ︎︎︎ work

Ever since kindergarten I’ve loved drawing.
Growing up I would draw in the margins of school exams, on bookshelves and even on my wall. The papers at home just didn’t seem to last long enough.

When I got my first tablet I could finally create endlessly without making a mess. Not long after, I started making illustrations into animations, and haven’t stopped yet.

I studied multiple arts programs and learned everything from ceramics, smithing,
weaving, to oil painting, screen prints and woodwork. But in 2018 I fell for graphic design. I moved from Stockholm to Tidaholm to study Graphic Design in an old castle for a year and when I got back, I was eager to learn more.

So in 2019 I applied for Forsbergs school of design and got in!
And that’s where I’m at now! Soon to graduate from Forsbergs and eager to create more!